Christy Fuhrman, DipWSET, Instructor

Christy Fuhrman has worked in both retail and restaurant sides of the industry, and her passion for education thrives on both sides.

As a native of New Orleans, Christy developed an early affinity for the culture of food, wine, and the arts.  A childhood surrounded by art led Christy to art school at Columbia College, and Chicago quickly became home.

Like that of many students in a thriving metropolis, Christy’s path involved bartending to supplement her degree in the arts. The beverage world struck a cord with her, and her hunger for continual career evolution in the beverage world led her to retail work.

After learning the ropes in retail, connecting books to bottles, Christy set out to hone her skills in the restaurant world, taking a job on the service and wine team at the iconic Charlie Trotter’s.  On the small stretch of Armitage Ave., working with Chef Trotter, Christy learned the art of fine dining, as well as the importance of food and wine at the table, and genuine service. After leaving Charlie Trotter’s, Christy worked at many highly regarded restaurants in Chicago before moving to New York to be part of its electrifying restaurant scene.

Christy earned the WSET Diploma in 2013. She is also an Advanced Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.