About the Course

Who It’s For:

Wine lovers, both consumer-level and those entering the wine or hospitality trade who have limited wine knowledge.

Level 1 is optional. Those who already feel comfortable around wine may begin studying at Level 2.

What You’ll Learn:

The main styles and types of wine, the characteristics of the primary wine grape varieties, wine service and tasting technique and the legal and health issues surrounding wine and service. You’ll taste seven wines in class, learn how to analyze them and why they do or don’t pair well with the primary elements in food.

Class Format:

Five hours of class time and a 45-minute exam with 30 multiple-choice questions during the last class.

Course Syllabus:

Level 1 Award in Wine Syllabus

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What You'll Achieve

  • The ability to select and serve wines with greater confidence.
  • An understanding of the main types and styles of wine available.
  • Basic knowledge of proper wine storage and service.
  • Understanding and experience in the core principles of food-and-wine pairing.
  • An understanding of the issues relating to the safe consumption of wine.
  • Successful candidates receive the WSET® Level 1 Award in Wine.

This course is a non-occupational course. Non-occupational courses are not intended to provide instruction that will result in the student’s acquisition of occupational skills.

Registration Requirements

At least 21 years of age

About the Exam

Exam Format:

  • 30 multiple choice questions
  • During your third class, 6:00-8:00pm or during the last part of an all-day, intensive-format course

Course Materials

Study Guide: An Introduction to Wine

Course Materials

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration Fee: $25.00

Study Kit: $37.00

Exam: $134.00

Tuition: $252.00

Total: $448.00

Discounted fees are available to Teaching Assistants. These positions are limited in number and are granted at the discretion of the International Wine Center.

How Do I Sign Up?

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