International Wine Center has been in operation continuously since 1982.

In 1994, IWC became the first wine and spirits school in the U.S. to offer the programs of the prestigious Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®), the world’s largest wine educational organization.

International Wine Center became the U.S. Headquarters of that organization in 2003, a role IWC held for 15 years. Through IWC’s efforts, WSET programs achieved such penetration across the U.S. that WSET was in a position to open its own U.S. office in 2018.

IWC was recognized by WSET as one of the leading wine and spirits education centers in the world when in 2007 WSET awarded International Wine Center the inaugural Riedel Trophy as WSET Educator of the Year.

IWC instructs approximately 1,000 students annually in the greater New York City area and more than 335 individuals who studied at International Wine Center have received the WSET Diploma in Wines & Spirits, including 16 individuals who are now Masters of Wine.

International Wine Center


  • Wine Information Corp. is incorporated in the state of New York
  • Albert Hotchkin, Jr. founds IWC, offering wine education programs, a Wine Club and special events.
  • International Wine Center begins operations at 144 West 55th Street, New York City
  • Mary Ewing-Mulligan joins IWC as Director of Educational Programs
  • Mary Ewing-Mulligan becomes a partner in IWC with Al Hotchkin, Jr.
  • IWC opens offices and a classroom at 231 West 29th Street
  • In September, Mary Ewing-Mulligan becomes the first female Master of Wine in North America.
  • IWC becomes the first school in the U.S. to offer WSET courses
  • IWC’s first two students graduate from the WSET Diploma course
  • Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW becomes the sole owner of IWC
  • IWC focuses its resources exclusively on WSET courses
  • IWC moves office space to 1133 Broadway and holds classes at Chelsea Wine Vault and elsewhere
  • Linda Lawry is appointed Director at IWC
  • IWC enters into a strategic contract with WSET to operate as the Trust’s U.S. headquarters to aid the growth of WSET programs across the country
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC reach 60
  • Sheri Sauter Morano becomes the first IWC graduate to earn MW
  • Charles Curtis becomes the second IWC graduate to earn MW
  • IWC relocates to 350 Seventh Avenue, a space that houses classrooms and offices in one location
  • The number of WSET Approved Program Providers (APPs) in the US is now 9
  • IWC graduate Lisa Granik earns her MW
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC exceed 100
  • IWC is awarded the inaugural Riedel Trophy as WSET Educator of the Year
  • IWC graduate Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan earns her MW
  • IWC graduate Jean Reilly earns her MW
  • 23 WSET Approved Program Providers (APPs) now exist across the US
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC exceed 200
  • IWC graduates Mary Gorman-MacAdams, Christy Canterbury, and Michele Anderson earn their MW
  • IWC files application for licensing with New York State Education Department
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC exceed 250
  • IWC graduates Dilek Caner and Adam LaPierre earn their MW
  • IWC student Nicolas Paris earns his MW
  • The number of WSET Approved Program Providers (APPs) in the US grows to 36
  • IWC graduate Mollie Battenhouse earns her MW
  • IWC debuts an updated logo
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC exceed 300
  • IWC graduates Eran Pick and Mary Margaret McCamic earn their MW
  • WSET coverage across the US grows to 48 Approved Program Providers (APPs)
  • WSET Diploma graduates at IWC exceed 335
  • Linda Lawry retires
  • IWC hands management of WSET programs in America back to the Trust to manage independently in order to focus on school programming and student experience
  • Mary Ewing-Mulligan is honored with the WSET Lifetime Achievement Award
  • IWC graduate Nicholas Jackson earns his MW


  • WSET Diploma grads from IWC now total 412
  • IWC graduate Melissa Monti Saunders earns her MW


  • IWC celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding