About the Course

Who It’s For:

Consumers who have a serious interest in wine and also professionals working in the wine and hospitality industries who want to expand their knowledge beyond the basics. No previous wine study is required.

Is Online Learning Right For Me?:

Before enrolling in an online course, please consider the following:

Successful online students are those who value flexibility in their learning schedule, but who also understand that an online course requires more self-discipline and self-guided learning. To get the most from your online learning experience, you must be comfortable with technology, be able to communicate well in writing, take initiative to contact your moderator if you have questions or concerns, and participate actively in group discussion and chat activities.

What You’ll Learn:

WSET Level 2 Wines Course has a grape-variety focus. Through the portal of grape varieties, you’ll get to know wines from the major wine regions of the world.  You’ll learn the characteristics of all the major, and several minor, grape varieties of the world; the styles of wine they produce; and how to use label information to understand a wine’s quality and style. You’ll also learn how wine grapes are grown, how wine is made and the differences between the key sparkling, sweet and fortified wines of the world. And you’ll learn proper tasting technique so that you can practice and receive feedback on your tasting impressions.

Online Course Format:

Level 2 Wines Online Course is a 5-week, 6-module online self-study program with a recommendation of 6 hours of online activities and textbook study per week.

You have 1 week to study each module and you may access the content — including online discussions, moderating educator chats, and feedback — 24/7. You can catch up on activities as your schedule permits, as there are no set meeting times.

You’ll study under the moderating support of one of International Wine Center’s experienced educators, who is on hand to review assignments, answer questions and guide you for the duration of the course.

You’re advised to taste a range of wines during your studies. These wines are purchased by you, at your expense, from a list of recommended tasting samples. You can post your tasting notes in the Online Classroom for review by your moderating IWC educator.

Regular access and participation in the course online activities is essential.

Course Syllabus:

Level 2 Award in Wines Syllabus

Exam Format:

Your exam will be via secure remote online proctoring on a specific day and time.  You need to take your exam in a private environment of your choice using a desktop or laptop computer AND your cell phone.

Technical Requirements:

For a complete list of requirements please visit this page.

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What You'll Achieve

  • The ability to interpret labels of the major wines of the world.
  • An understanding of the principles of wine tasting and evaluating.
  • The knowledge to provide basic guidance on appropriate wine selection and service.
  • Successful candidates receive the WSET® Level 2 Award in Wines

Registration Requirements

At least 21 years of age


About the Exam

One-hour exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions. Your exam will take place via secure remote online proctoring on a specific day and time. You need to take your exam in a private environment of your choice using a desktop or laptop computer AND your cell phone. Further details are available here.

You may reschedule your exam date and/or exam format (online vs. in-person) with four week’s notice to info@internationalwinecenter.com

Exam Rescheduling Information

Course Materials

The WSET Level 2 Wines study pack will be shipped to you before your course.

Study pack contents:

  • Textbook: Wines: Looking Behind the Label
  • Student Workbook
  • Laminated SAT Card
Course Materials

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration Fee: $30.00

Study Kit: $119.00

Exam: $198.00

Tuition: $301.00

Total: $648.00

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Choose a class date that works for you. You can View Dates by clicking the button to the right, or browse available dates and times by going to the Registration section.
  2. After choosing the date that’s best for you, complete the required Enrollment Agreement, to streamline your registration process.
  3. Click the Register button. (If you have not yet completed the Enrollment Agreement, you can complete it during the registration process.)

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