About the Course

This course covers, at a specialist level, the major types and styles of sparkling wines, including their regions and methods of production. It examines the key factors affecting the style, quality and commercial value of sparkling wines, the trade and legal structures in the regions of production and the local and global markets for sparkling wines. Students use the WSET Level 4 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® to analyze the characteristics of the principal sparkling wines of the world.

Sparkling Wines of the World, D4 has 11 instructional hours including a 90 minute exam. WSET recommends at least 16 hours of additional, independent study time for this course.

The examination consists of an open response written exam and  a blind tasting of three sparkling wines.

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Registration Requirements

  • At least 21 years of age AND
  • A passing grade in the WSET® Level 4 Wine Production, D1 Course
  • WSET requires that students have studied Level 4, Wine Business before registering for this Unit.

About the Exam

Exam Format: A 90-minute exam that consists of an open response written exam paper  and a blind tasting of three sparkling wines.

Exam Rescheduling Information

Course Materials

Online Study Guide:  Sparkling Wines, D4 (110 pages) 

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration Fee: $55.00

Exam: $384.00

Tuition: $559.00

Total: $998.00

Discounted fees are available to Teaching Assistants. These positions are limited in number and are granted at the discretion of the International Wine Center.

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