About the Course

This course covers, at a specialist level, the anatomy and growing cycle of the vine, influencing factors relating to the growing of wine grapes around the world, as well as the options, determining factors and processes for converting grapes into wines of various styles and quality levels and at different price points.

Upon completion, students will be able to demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of the factors that influence the production of wine, the processes used in production and how processes and options throughout production can affect the style, quality and commercial value of wine.

The Level 4 WSET Wine Production, D1 Course is a 21-hour course with 19.5 instructional hours and a 90-minute examination, which is a written open-response format. WSET recommends 80 hours of additional independent study time for this course.

It is required that students wishing to take any Level 4 WSET course in Wines & Spirits enroll in Wine Production, D1  as their initial Level 4 program, and pass the exam.

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Registration Requirements

Please Note: all students are required to show proof of vaccination each time they enter the school. At least 21 years of age AND

  • A passing grade in the WSET Level 3 Wines Course (or the WSET Level 3 Advanced Course)

About the Exam

Exam Format: A 90-minute written exam featuring open-response questions.

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Course Materials

Study Guide: Wine Production, D1 digital Study Guide (230+ pages) in downloadable PDF format

Recommended: The book Vines and Vinification by Sally Easton MW is an additional, optional reference available separately for purchase from IWC for $44.73. This book is published by WSET with the intention of supporting Diploma students.

How Much Does It Cost?

Registration Fee: $100.00

Study Kit: $365.00

Exam: $390.00

Tuition: $1003.00

Total: $1858.00

Discounted fees are available to Teaching Assistants. These positions are limited in number and are granted at the discretion of International Wine Center.

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